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Pet Wellness and Preventive


Pet Wellness and Preventive

At Kings Trail Animal Hospital, by bringing your pet in for routine checkups and vaccines, you can help us maintain their health. Because dogs, cats, and other animals age much more quickly than people, severe changes in your pet’s health could occur soon. Thanks to wellness initiatives, we can discover illnesses and problems early when they are easier to cure or control. Frequently, we can prevent infections by ensuring your pet has had the necessary immunizations and preventative medications. Healthy adult cats and dogs should come to see us once a year. More frequent examinations are required for puppies, kittens, older pets, and animals with illnesses or health problems. Together, we’ll design a wellness plan for your pet that includes vaccinations and preventative measures.


Parasite Prevention:

Both internally and externally, our dogs and cats are susceptible to parasite infection. They even have the capacity to transmit these illnesses to others, particularly kids. Making sure your pets are parasite-free is crucial. Every year, we advise testing for heartworm/ticks (SNAP 4Dx for dogs) and feces in both dogs and cats. The two external parasites that cause the most concern in our area are ticks and fleas. Our region has an endemic Lyme disease problem. A yearly SNAP 4Dx is required for canines in order to obtain heartworm medication from our internal pharmacy or an outside pharmacy.

For the prevention of heartworm, fleas, ticks, and internal parasites in both cats and dogs, Kings Trail Animal Hospital offers oral and topical treatments.